Frequently asked questions


How Does the Program Work?

We offer a number of different diet plans geared to your body, health and lifestyle.  

Depending on how much weight you would like to loose, we have a 23 or 42 day program to fit your needs. Contact us for more information.

Is This Program Effective?

YES. The key to this program is combining  efforts of a strict diet with a daily HCG supplement. The HCG supplement targets your visceral, or "bad" body fat and uses that stored fat as a daily energy source. Since this program focuses on eliminating visceral fat, it does not burn your body's muscle stores leaving you with a similar metabolic rate after completion of the diet. 

When Can I Start?

Any time is a perfect time to start thinking about a new you! We have a diet plan that is easy to follow with minimal exercise so you can lose weight safely at any point in your life. If right now is not a good time for you, however, we provide year-round support.